Now I can scrapbook without my scissors!

Everyone knows someone on their holiday list that loves to scrapbook. Serif's Digital Scrapbook Artist makes scrapbooking so simple! It takes the difficulty out of the process and leaves you with beautiful realistic pages. It's extremely easy to use and the process is quick. It has built in photo editing, so you can get rid of red eye or add tints/special effects without needing additional software. You can scan special items like ticket stubs or programs and then cut them out to make them a part of your page. The page making process is simple. You choose the fabric or paper you want to use from your large library. You can then cut or whole punch the paper, even choose from a selection of 24 different scissor edges to cut with. The creative options are impressive: 75 different fonts, the ability to fray edges, add shadows, even create the appearance of stitching. While it comes with lots of options, you can add to your collection by purchasing additional digikit collections. Thus your scrapbooks will always be filled with fresh content! Plus once you are finished you can just print or even email them to friends/family. I think it would be really cool to create your whole scrapbook and then have a photo book printed with your pages. That way you would have a one of a kind scrapbook but it would be possible to duplicate it for others or in the event your little one decides to practice their scissor skills. If you have ever seriously gotten into scrapbooking then you know how expensive it gets. This software is not only much easier to use but it will also save you a great deal of money in the long run.
  • Wrap it up: I would give the software with a gift certificate to have a photo book printed somewhere online.
  • Price Tag: $49.99
  • Where to buy: Serif

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