What's that smell in your stocking?

One whiff of these and suddenly all the other colored pencils seem boring. Smencils are made from recycled paper and gourmet liquid scents. And they do smell gourmet....they leave you with cravings. Probably not the best gift for someone on a diet. Their also environmentally friendly due to the recycled paper and biodegradable corn based packaging! Each pack comes with 10 scents/colors and the scents will actually last at least 2 years. Before discovering these my son would not use colored pencils. He hated them and I hated that he hated them because he would only use markers. Markers are the recipe for disaster in my house and I have the carpet, walls, pants, pillow, and even more evidence to prove it. In his eyes Smencils are amazing. Who am I kidding? I think they are amazing too!! Not just for kids - my friends would love them as well. So start doodling and enjoying the scents of root beer, watermelon, bubble gum, cotton candy (my fav), and to find out the rest you will have to get your own (or visit Think Geek).
  • Wrap it up: Put it in a stocking or package it with a coloring book for the kiddos. Actually if you wrap them up with a Lisa Frank coloring book my gal pals would be giddy!
  • Age: 3+
  • Price Tag: $14.99
  • Where to buy: Think Geek

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