'Cause baby likes his tunes too

This mp3 player is so user friendly even a baby can do it. Seriously - it is baby friendly! Baby's First MP3 Player is certain to have your little bobble head bouncing to the beat! I am loving the durable rubber design and the easy to push buttons. My 15 month old is in love and my iPod is finally safe. He walks around the house holding the circle handle and wiggling randomly to the music. While it comes preloaded with great music from award winning artist Susan Tallman & Friends and also the award winning storyteller Jim Weiss - you can add your child's favorite tunes easily via the included USB. Now our player is constantly sounding "I like to move it, move it". If you have seen Madagascar you understand why. He will actually hit the back button again & again to make sure he never stops picturing the dancing lemurs. Thankfully the player has secret parental controls that let you be in charge of the volume level. It will hold 1 GB of tunes and that's a whole lot of baby music! Another really cool feature is the ability to program an automatic shut off timer. It keeps the music from playing all day in an upstairs bedroom without you knowing or allows baby to take the player to bed without it staying on the entire night. Give baby the gift of music this year!!
  • Wrap it up: Make sure to load it with some of your child's favorite music. Try making an mp3 of you talking to your little one or singing a lullaby to add to their playlist.
  • Age: 0 - 6
  • Price Tag: $59.99
  • Where to buy: Think Geek

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