What do Michael, Madonna, the 80's, & Christmas have in common?

All of the tracks from My Baby Loves are wonderful! I am completely obsessed with pretty much each & every one. I'm not sure how they did it but now Michael Jackson, Madonna, the 80's, and even Christmas songs have been made soothing enough for bedtime. I love that in the process of making them baby friendly they are still so much like the originals. I can't help but singing along to them, especially when I rock my little one at bedtime. He will know Don't Stop Believin' by heart as soon as he can talk. Why should your child be forced to listen to music you couldn't stand yourself. With the cd collection from My Baby Loves - they can enjoy the same big hits that you love and since they have no words we can omit any not so baby friendly lyrics when we sing along. Pick up the full collection and make sure to let baby open the Christmas cd early!
  • Wrap it up: Make sure you have a cd player for the nursery because your little one will want to enjoy these in their room at night!
  • Age: 0+
  • Price Tag: $12.99
  • Where to Buy: Learn more online at My Baby Loves, purchase from itunes, amazon, and Barnes & Noble

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