Usher VIP

My husband does not usually wear cologne but when I got a whiff of Usher VIP - I put a stop to that. I honestly did not expect to like this cologne but everything from the impressive bottle to the scent instantly made me regret my rush to judgement. The smell is subtly sexy. When your man walks away and you catch a hint of it lingering in the air, it definitely leaves you wanting more. The smell is masculine without being overpowering. You can detect a woodsy hint but when mixed with warm nutmeg and tangerine - the combination is confident and alluring. This is one of those gifts that is secretly a present to you as much as your man. Wrap it up or put it in his stocking, then you sit back, inhale, enjoy!

  • Wrap it up: Just add a ribbon or package it together with the VIP Deodorant, Shower Gel, or After Shave Soother.
  • Price Tag: $50+
  • Where to Buy: It's available all over the place but you can order it online at Elizabeth Arden

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