A game that belongs outside the box

This is one nice looking game. I'm not embarrassed to set it out on our coffee table and my husband is happy to display it on his desk. More than just a pretty package, PYLOS has won several Game of the Year awards all over the world. The strategic game requires you to save enough marbles to be able to place yours at the top. The simple rules make it easy to start a game with anyone but there is some serious brain work involved with this game. You can see the wheels turning when I challenge my husband to a game. Unfortunately for me, his wheels seem to turn a little harder. Almost always his master plan leaves him the last one standing but it just motivates me to challenge him again and again.
  • Wrap it up: Just add a bow and be prepared to challenge the recipient with your A game.
  • Age: 8+
  • Price Tag: $29.95
  • Where to Buy: Fundex Games

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