This box will keep your kid busy

If your little one likes to get in touch with their artistic side this is a great gift for them. The Kid's Busy Box is filled with everything you need for several fun art projects. You can choose from themed boxes ranging from transportation to princess/fairies. We tried out the Transportation box and were thrilled with the creative projects inside. The box actually included 9 different projects! I always want to do cool arts & crafts with my children but it seems like I never get around to getting the ideas & supplies. The Kid's Busy Box takes care of all the prep work for you and just lets you enjoy watching your child get their art on!
  • Wrap it up: Package this cute box with their deluxe art pack (contains things like kiddie scissors, ruler, tape, markers, etc.) to ensure that they have every possible need covered when it's time to craft.
  • Age: 3+
  • Price Tag: $18.99
  • Where to Buy: Kid's Busy Box

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