Gator Golf

This crazy gator is fun for the whole family. My boys are big fans of golf (and the gators) so I was instantly attracted to this game. Gator Golf is a super cute way to get everyone laughing. It comes with 2 lightweight putters and an easy to hit ball. You aim at the gator's mouth and then watch as he eats up your poor little golf ball. Don't worry though - he will pop it back out with his tail and the game can continue. Although this game is really geared for ages 3+, my 15 month old loved it. He would play by himself for hours trying to hit the ball into the gator's mouth and then laugh hysterically when it popped out. I found it one of the few games on the market that both my 4 year old and 15 month old could enjoy together but they could care less about who wins or the rules - which is the best way to play any game with young kids!

Wrap it up: No need to get fancy with this one. The game is everything you need for a really fun gift - just add a bow.
Age: 3+
Price Tag: $19.99
Where to Buy: Amazon, ToysRUs (they have it for only $14.99), and Walmart

Check out the commercial to see it in use:

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