Race ya!

This one is sure to get some excitement! When your child discovers they now have a race track that even lets them drive on the wall - they will be running to grab their favorite race car. The Blik Race Ya Wall Stickers are a unique take on the usual race tracks that could previously only be found in the form of rugs. I for one am loving this sleek new take and think it is perfect for any kid space. They are easy to apply and you can even move the race car stickers around the track. It instantly adds a really fun feature to a room and it takes next to no extra work on your part. We discovered these fun wall stickers at Pokkadots but they also have a large array of other wonderful gift options for the little one on your shopping list. They have everything from cute clothing to gifts for a new dad.

  • Wrap it up: I think this one would be adorable if you went ahead and put it up on the walls once your child went to sleep. Then stick a big bow on the wall and wrap up a gift box of race cars. When your little one opens the box say something like "if only we had a cool place to race these...like in your -----. Why don't you go check in there for a spot for a race?"
  • Age: 3+
  • Price Tag: $39.99
  • Where to Buy: Pokkadots, Modern Nursery, and the Wall Sticker Shop

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wall sticker said...

Nice wall sticker, are they removable?

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