They want to be Friends With You

I have to admit that these are anything but your typical toys but that is probably why they appeal to me so much! Everything for the Friends With You collection is insanely unique. I'm not sure who is the brains behind their product line but they have an imagination that would give my children some serious competition. The two descriptions alone will have you questioning what is in their morning coffee. But whatever gives them the inspiration - my children are in love with the final results! They have a pretty broad range to choose from and everything is so cute! I narrowed it down to my two favorites. My top pick are the Wish Come True characters. They are like the perfect substitute for bobble heads and so much cuter. They have weighted bottoms and even a built in bell chime. While the description promises that they will bring you everything your heart desires - I was pretty happy with the 20 minutes of entertainment they provided my children. They really appeal to my youngest child. He likes the sound they make and the way he can make them sway back & forth. They are so cute that the polka dot one frequently disappears to decorate my desk. These little guys are perfect stocking stuffers and would also make a fun gift for your best buddy. Earning my vote as 2nd place would be Mr. TTT Rainbow. He is a plush toy that is actually 5 interchangeable pieces. Your child can take him apart and reassemble him to suit their creative desires. My youngest loved trying to put his extra parts back on Mr. TTT Rainbow. It was also great for developing his motor skills. Make sure to also check out the adorable penguins on the Friends With You site.
  • Wrap it up: The Wish Come True characters have stocking stuffer all over them. Everything else is so cute all that it needs is a bow!
  • Age: 18 months+
  • Price Tag: $8+
  • Where to buy: Friends With You

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