Rivet De Cru

We've all seen the victims of dad jeans. They are just as unattractive as the mom version. Even if you man is unaware of the unflattering nature of his current jeans, you can easily rectify the situation without him knowing there was ever a problem. This holiday season give him a pair of jeans that makes him look lean, younger, stylish, and SO much more attractive. It is time to say goodbye to jeans that go above their belly button, are tight in all the wrong places and puffy in the hips and butt. We shouldn't be able to see the full outline of your stomach and if the description says carpenter it is only meant for someone who uses a hammer hourly out their job. Rivet De Cru has a huge selection of jeans that will get your man looking better than ever. This is just as much a gift for you as it is for him. After he wears them a few times and notices the compliments he gets (especially if he was a long time sufferer of the dad jeans) he won't ever want to go back to the jeans of his past. Don't be surprised if they disappear to your local Goodwill. My favorite thing about the Rivet De Cru jeans is the fit. They are ultra flattering and the premium denim will look good wash after wash. They offer so many different choices in wash, pockets, and the overall look of the jeans - so you know that you can find something that is just right for your man. Even your son. Please don't make your teenage boy wear goofy jeans. I still have memories of the too-short sad pants my brother used to wear in high school. Just get two great pairs of jeans and you'll end up saving money because they won't wear out that easily. You can get cheap good looking tops for men but with denim - you get what you pay for and Rivet De Cru has some impressively low prices for the quality they provide. They have truly worked hard to create unique & beautiful washes. You'll appreciate the work that goes into the destroy accents and the thought out hand brushed creases! My husband loved the pair he got the chance to try out and I must admit I loved them too! They lower rise flattered his body and the dark wash went great with so much of his clothing. They make him look long & lean! Check out their site to find what is right for the man on your shopping list and check out the gorgeous lady jeans too (you get to have some presents from Santa too)!
  • Wrap it up: Put it in a pretty box and add a bow. This is a gift they will get so much use out of!
  • Price Tag: $90+
  • Where to buy: Rivet De Cru

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