Meet Joop, Doot, Tada, Balob, and Beep

The air is getting colder and it's the perfect season to give something to keep you warm. I struggle to convince my children to put on a hat & mittens but the trick to avoiding the fight is to discover outerwear that is fun. Muddy Cloud's collection of hats and mittens have an adorable cartoon like appeal. My oldest son will actually remind me that he needs to put on his hat & mittens. Their lightweight and super soft, plus they are based on the 5 characters from Muddy Cloud. You can even purchase the doll that inspired the hat & mitten set!
  • Wrap it up: I think that it would be super cute to do a gift bag with the hat & mitten combo + the matching doll. You can also print out free coloring pages, dot to dot pages, even paper dolls to go with your gift from the Muddy Cloud website. If you are looking for a stocking stuffer - the seriously adorable finger puppet set is a definite winner! It has the 5 unique characters just the right size for each of your child's fingers!
  • Age: 0 -5 years
  • Price Tag: $14+
  • Where to buy: Muddy Cloud

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