Heart & Stone Jewelry

The jewelry from Heart & Stone will instantly become a treasured piece. Their Custom Charm Necklaces are so easy to personalize exactly to your tastes. Moms & Grandmas are so proud of the offspring and these necklaces are such an elegant way to keep them close to your heart. You can customize every last detail from the font to the shape of each charm. I was extremely impressed with the high quality of the necklace. Almost every piece of jewelry I wear ends up destroyed by my youngest child. He grabs on a pulls - usually snapping the chain but sometimes just ripping the charms off. This beauty is durable. I loved the unique way the stone was attached. It seems pretty impossible to lose. I love that you can continue to add to your necklace. You can order as many recycled silver charms as you need. So when I get to add another little joy to our family - they won't get left out of my necklace. It's bad enough it took me over a year to change out photos to include our youngest. This would be a really sweet gift for any mom, so I hope you Dad's are listening!! How cute would it be for the whole family to go in together to create a necklace with charms for all the grand babies? The more I look at the options from Heart & Stone Jewelry the more inspired I become and I truly love the ability to create a necklace that is one of a kind.
  • Wrap it up: I firmly believe that all a jewelry box needs is a bow. The gift inside is a treasure.
  • Price Tag: $65+
  • Where to buy: Heart & Stone Jewelry

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