Cook with style, even if you can't cook

Jessie Steel has the most beautiful aprons I have ever seen! Their vintage style is sure to appeal to anyone. They are so well made and flattering to any woman. I love the unique cuts, the built in pockets on many styles, the elegant but fun fabrics, and the fact that wearing one makes me want to cook. Everyone has someone in their family that would love to have a gorgeous apron - these designs are so sophisticated they make me want to wear them with pearls! They come in a variety of styles like hostess aprons (which can also be half aprons), Chef's aprons (some even made for men so dad can barbecue in camo and not ruin his shirt), and even child sized aprons. How cute would matching mother/daughter or grandmother/granddaughter aprons be? The hardest part about shopping at Jessie Steel is picking which apron to buy. I am still unable to pick my favorite! You can save 20% off your purchase using the code JSBLOG9 at the checkout!
  • Wrap it up: 1)For a lovely lady - package the apron with a nice cook book or some beautiful mixing bowls 2)For a cooking papa - give the grill master some new tools or sauces to go with his apron 3)For the little princess - put some pretend food in with her sweet new apron
  • Age: 5+
  • Price Tag: $23+
  • Where to buy: Jessie Steele

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