The gift of sleep

Toddlers and preschoolers have this uncanny knack to wake up before the sun rises. Throw in a time change or two and the chances of you getting them on a wakeup schedule it slim. Since they can't tell time yet - the whole don't get out of bed until 8 am doesn't really do much. We tried telling our son to stay in bed until the sun came up. Right now the son comes up at 7 and that is just not working for me. As long as I am up at 8 we can get to preschool on time and that extra hour is pretty important to my sanity. The Teach Me Time! Clock is not just a valuable learning tool but also an effective way to explain to your child what time to get out of bed. Here is what makes this a fun gift for your child. This clock will actually play a teaching game with them so that they can learn to tell the time. Currently my 4 year old wants to learn and actually thinks it's fun. He really enjoyed learning to tell time with the game and loves to tell anyone he sees (really anyone) what time it is. Now he is begging for a watch. The clock will display time in both digital and analog or both. Your child can press the right bottom button and it will say the time. It will also function as an alarm clock with snooze. If you are like me and oversleeping is far from a struggle with your child - you will love the ultra cool "ok to wake" alarm. You can set the clock to the time you want your child to get out of bed. The clock will glow yellow throughout the night (a great nightlight too) and then glow green when it is the time you have set for them to get out of bed. Time change, season change, whatever - now my son knows if the clock isn't green he will hang out in his room. If only my 15 month old could comprehend that. This is a great learning tool, fun gift, really nice treat for mom & dad, plus something they can use for years. In our home - if it glows they will love it.
  • Wrap it up: We created a chart that shows the time (both analog & digital) and next to it a photo of what happens then. This way he can match the time with what is happening. He knows at 9:00 he leaves for school. At 12:30 he eats lunch, 5:30 (daddy gets home - which put an end to that never ending question), and 7:00 means bedtime. It would be cool to make your own chart to give them with the clock so that they can begin to understand what each time means.
  • Age: 3+
  • Price Tag: $39.99
  • Where to buy: Think Geek

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