Do I smell egg nog in your stocking?

Who doesn't love the smells of the holidays? The moment I breathe in the scent of egg nog or gingerbread I am instantly reminded of my favorite time of year. Demeter Fragrance is known for their insane library of every scent you can imagine. This holiday season they have some scents just begging to appear in your holiday stocking. I am loving both the Gingerbread and the Egg Nog scent, which is kind of odd since I don't actually like to consume either. You can purchase lots of different size options from Demeter filled with their fun fragrances. How cute would their half ounce cologne splash look tucked into that special some one's stocking. Hear that Santa? I would like some delightful mini Demeter scents in my stocking please, no coal.
  • Wrap it up: If you're not feeling my stocking suggestion - you could always create a really cool gift set. It would be really cute to bake some gingerbread cookies to package with the full sized Gingerbread spray or to get some cute mugs to go with the Egg Nog scent (or a nice spiced rum).
  • Price Tag: $6+
  • Where to buy: Demeter Fragrance

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1 comment:

jamaise said...

I know I love Demeter right, I mean even if you want to smell like a funeral home, they'll hook you up :)

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