What's in store?

He looks so frustrated with his lawn mower. Is he already getting to the stage where he wants to do anything but chores? Thankfully at the moment both of my little guys think doing chores is a privilege. The chance to wash a dish or fold some laundry is something they both want to experience. It's crazy having so much power over someone's life...terrifying. I want to show them the best example but for some reason the things my oldest remembers the most are when I mess up. Lately he has been getting frustrated about the amount of time I spend on the computer and wants me to make more art projects with him. I am adjusting to a new schedule which only allots time for Now What Baby when he is in bed. The posts are picking up and I am getting used to making sure to focus when I have my few hours in the evening. I don't want him to look back on his childhood and only remember mommy on the computer. Have no fear though because things are about to get really interesting around here. Our Kids Style Guide is going up next week and we have found some really unique clothing for the colder season! The guide is also full of great giveaways. Before the end of October you will get to check out our fall Beauty Guide for Mom. It's chock full of wonderful products to enhance your beauty and we are giving away tons of products. Don't forget the Holiday Gift Guide either!! It will appear in early November and is our biggest guide yet. There are ideas for everyone on your list and the giveaways will hopefully give you a little something extra to wrap up this holiday season. I am so excited about everything!!Best Blogger Tips

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