Slide into a better figure with Valslide

Who knew these two little sliding pads could have such a huge impact on your body? Valslide is a unique product that makes it easy to get your body whipped into shape no matter where you are. The lightweight and compact slides can go anywhere and would easily fit into your purse. I'm not sure why but these little gadgets make a workout seem like fun to me. I love laying on the floor and trying to slide & hold the positions as instructed in the helpful guide. They will help you workout your glutes, hips, and even your thighs. I had a hard time finding any muscle that wasn't sore after using these for about 20 minutes. Probably my favorite thing about the Valslide is the portability of it. You could truly do this anywhere - even the office. The instruction booklet shows detailed photos of different moves you can make using your Valslide and what muscles it will target. It kind of reminds me of when I was younger and would slide on the kitchen floors with my socks. It makes your workout seem a little easier and more fun while in reality working your muscles even harder. It has certainly been a hit with the celebrities. Stars like Poppy Montgomery, Kim Raver, and even Jennifer Garner have had nothing but glowing comments about it. Poppy Montgomery even credits it to giving her "a perfect butt". Who wouldn't want one of those? It definitely motivates me to get sliding. You can get a set of slides with an instruction booklet for only $30 or you can opt for a travel kit (it even comes with a DVD). Learn more and order yours by visiting Valslide.Best Blogger Tips

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