The Shandle

Struggling to get your children to wash their hands? The Shandle was created in an effort to remind children to wash hands after using the potty. I love how the cute designs do a much better job of kindly reminding than I do with the constant nagging. My son can't read yet so I was surprised that the Shandle still got it's message across. He asked me what it said and from that point on he knew that frog washes his hands and that he should too. More than just re-enforcing the importance of good bathroom habits - it also gives your child a clean handle to grab on to when lifting up and down the seat. It disgusts me to watch my preschooler lift the lid with hands I know will go straight to his toys or food. The Shandle is a wonderful solution to that and oddly enough it also seems to provide a fun reason for him to put down the seat. I'm hoping to see if it could have the same effect on my husband. The Shandle comes in tons of designs and some of them are sure to have anyone using your toilet choking back giggles.Best Blogger Tips

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