Pumpkin Time Again

I love Halloween. It is probably in part due to fall being my favorite season but I think the main reason is the candy. I really LOVE candy. When I found out one day a year every house would give me free candy - it was one of the highlights of my life. While it's disappointing to no longer be able to thrust my candy bag into strangers faces - at least my children get to enjoy the tradition (and I can sneak some of their candy while they sleep...it's for their own good....it could rot their teeth). I'm not totally sure why free candy is so exciting to me. Perhaps it's the mystery of what will be in my pumpkin shaped bucket when I dump it to explore my hard earned goodies or maybe it's simply to variety of candy that you receive. I always felt I'd hit the mother load whenever I would discover one of those little paper gift sacks filled with candy. Those were really exciting - it's like a Halloween present! I also love the whole scary movie, flashlights in the dark, and of course the costume. One night a year you get to be anything you want. So fun! The hardest part is deciding what to dress up as. This year I really want to make Robert dress up as the Burger King guy - that king is seriously creepy. Why is he looming over people in bed or eerily standing in wait by some one's window. That is a good costume. Robert should just stand in rooms and stare wordlessly at people. It's the next Scream mask I predict. As for the boys - I have no clue yet....I am a terrible procrastinator. I will keep you posted when we figure out this dilemma. It is a tough call - those pictures will always be around. You wouldn't want them to have photos like the one of me the year I decided to go as "Glitter Girl" - basically a I was unknowingly dressed as a hooker. I had on pretty much sheer silver sequin pants, a shirt that closely resembled aluminum foil, huge thick red hoop earrings, and enough makeup to make Tammy Faye Baker jealous. My parents wronged me that year - they had a duty to at least explain to me what I looked like. The pictures continue to haunt me. So yes - I will be enforcing some parental judgment and stern advice when it comes to my children's costume choices. Don't worry Connor - mommy won't let you go out dressed like Dirk Diggler - even if you think you simply look like a dude from the 70"s with poor taste and a love of cut offs. What are your children going as this year? Does anyone else have a horror photo of a really bad costume choice? I would love to see them or hear about them!Best Blogger Tips

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