Poochie Prints add a touch of mod to the nursery

Poochie Prints is a great place to discover a fresh approach to wall decor in kid spaces. I love the simplicity of their silhouette wall prints and the way you can easily combine several prints to create beautiful images on your walls. Less is more is a mantra I firmly believe and Poochie Prints has that down to a t. Even more impressive is their dedication to creating the perfect print for each individual. They will create custom designs for you at no up charge. So if you have been looking for a certain design they can make it happen. You can even send in a paint chip and they will match your print to that specific shade. Customer service like that for no extra charge is pretty rare. The custom wall prints they created for my family are so gorgeous. I like them so much that they are going up on the wall in our living room! I didn't tell them anything other than my eldest loves trains and they got everything so perfect for our family - right down to the color selection! Their extremely affordable too - each print is only $25 including the frame. Most of the time you can't even purchase a decent frame for that cost.

Poochie Prints is also a great place for gifts. I believe that their Wall Prints would be a huge hit with any parent but their personalized stationary is not something to be overlooked. I love the idea of custom stationary for your children. It makes such a special touch when it comes to their thank-you notes, letters to grandparents, even for writing a sweet note to their teacher or their daddy. It also makes them feel special. Poochie Prints made Connor some adorable notecards with the same image you see in the Wall Print to your left. Now he is always wanting me to help him write letters to his friends and family. He can't read or spell yet but if he dictates and I write it on a sheet of paper - he will copy my words onto his personalized notecards. I am really so impressed Poochie Prints and I would love for you to take a moment to visit their site. I'm sure that they have a design just perfect for your home and if not - they would be happy to create one that is!Best Blogger Tips

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