Yookidoo Discovery Playhouse

There is a mad genius behind the toys at Yookidoo. I have yet to try one that wasn't full of imagination and that didn't instantly captivate my children. Someone over there has tapped into the minds of the little one's and knows exactly what they want when it comes to cool toys. The Discovery Playhouse lives up to it's name in that it is full of things to discover. It has both shape sorting with the use of keys (what child doesn't like keys?) and it has a place it insert balls and watch them weave in & out of the playhouse. It also has mirrors and even fun items that your child can push to flip & spin. I love that my children enjoy playing inside of it and that they have found so many uses for it. In addition to the obvious built in interactive aspects of the Discovery Playhouse it also makes a wonderful tent or "secret hideaway" as my oldest has dubbed it. It is easy to assemble and for an added bonus can be folded up pretty much flat to save on space. Finally a big toy that has the ability to compress - all toys should be this way. You can purchase this absolutely adorable Discovery Playhouse online from International Playthings. Below is a video so that you can see it in action!
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