Snuggle Me Stories

Fellow mom Sandra Magsamen's award winning Snuggle-Me Stories are so sweet and heartwarming. I adore the little board books that indeed leave you snuggling with your little one. I really connected with My Little Monkey because we have always called Connor 'monkey'. When I was reading the book ended with "you'll always be my little monkey" it was one of those moments that touch you. It just hit me how quickly he is growing and how much we need to make time to read stories & snuggle. The Snuggle-Me Stories are the type of tales that your child will want to read over and over. They are perfect for bedtime reads too! They even come with a little plush blanket attached to a monkey or a bear (depending on the book). Jackson loved to clutch the small blanket whenever we read one of the Snuggle-Me Stories.Best Blogger Tips

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Uniquely Yours said...

I'm expecting #2 so this would be a great edition.

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