Straight from the Tooth Fairy's Office

When your child loses their first teeth and the Tooth Fairy comes to visit it is milestone that you don't want to forget. The Official Tooth Fairy kit does double duty by giving you both an adorable way to preserve the moment and making it all the more exciting for your child. Inside the kit you get one "official" letterpress certificate of filing and a reusable silkscreened cloth deposit bag. When your child loses their first tooth you fill out the certificate of filing. It has a place to record name, age, tooth lost, how it was lost, and even the compensation information. When it comes time for bed your child places the form with their tooth in the attached envelope into their deposit bag and then puts it under their pillow. The Tooth Fairy will then come collect their certificate and place the compensation in their deposit bag. How cute is this!?! I love that you have a beautiful certificate that is perfect for treasuring in the years to come....of course your child can't see you have it until they are in their teens but they will really love the trip down memory lane one day. It would be so sweet in a frame or scrapbook. You could always tell your child once they lose all their baby teeth the Tooth Fairy sends your records back along with the first tooth lost. You can get your own Official Tooth Fairy Kit for only $16 by visiting the Office of the Tooth Fairy to purchase.Best Blogger Tips

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