Wooden Cookies Set

This is too cute! The wooden cookie set is sure to delight any wanna-be chef or cookie connoisseur. My four year old loves to pretend to prepare cookies for his friends and family. There is a lot to love about this cute set - from the attention to the detail to the high quality design. I am a big fan of wooden toys because it is one of the few materials that seems to be able to hold up in our household. This delicious cookie set comes with everything your little one needs to feel like they are baking the real thing. The cookies actually come with a slice and bake package and the set is complete with a knife, potholder, spatula, and the baking tray. I love how the cookies velcro to the tray and that you can change out the frosting thanks to the kid-friendly velcro. My son has a obsessive cookie baking routine with a firm rule that the cookies cannot go into the oven with frosting. He insists on pretending to spread it on when they come out (after they cool of course). He will even fuss at me for touching the cookies before they are cool. He says "Mom, I'm not mad to you. I know you want to eat a cookie but it is too hot." This is now my go-to gift for any birthday party! You can get this yummy wooden cookie set at Hearthsong and it will only set you back $19.98.Best Blogger Tips

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