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I have always envied women with the ability to get volume in their hair. I love the way a simple ponytail instantly looks elegant with the addition of volume. Ponytails are my go-to daily style and I have wished that I could make them step it up a notch without tons of work. Even with tons of work though, I am unable to successfully achieve that volume I crave. Teasing is not my foray unless I am aiming for the sought after finger in the socket look. Divado has just the products to give my hair the look I wishing for and to make it possible for me to achieve it quickly. Divado offers two different options for instant volume: the Bridgette and the Audrey. Both come in 3 color options to ensure that they don't stand out from your hair color. I tested out the Bridgette and was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to use. Basically you just part your hair across the middle of your head and then brush it forward and hold. Simply put the Bridgette a little above your crown and pull it back against the direction of your hair to make it stay snug. Now you pull back the hair you're holding over the Bridgette and gather the rest of your hair around it as well. I pull it into a ponytail and it hides the Bridgette from view but my hair looks full of volume and has that classic elegance I have been striving for. Having the Bridgette makes it possible for me to look put together in the little time I have to get ready. It will also prevents damage to your hair from teasing and saves you money because you don't need to use any products to make it work. So say goodbye to trying to brush out the product buildup in your teased 'do. The Bridgette only costs $30 and for the time it will save - it is so worth it. You can also take 20% off your order by entering the code nwb20 at the checkout line! Take a look at the video below to see it in action:
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