I make a lot of movies. Between the video reviews and my love of home movies I have played with lots of editing software. Muvee Reveal is the best that I have discovered when it comes to quality looking videos with minimal work on your side. You just add your photos and videos, select the style you would like, add music, and then let Muvee Reveal do the rest. It will fit your content to your song and even make it move to the beat. In addition to being able to make a movie quick & easy the program will also let you fine tune it. You can make clips to get rid of what you don't want in your video, add captions, personalize the title & credits, even add a voice over to your movie so you can be the narrator. Once you start playing with the program it becomes very addicting. Novice movie makers this is so user friendly! It will even let you save it in the format for your ipod, psp, burning to DVD, or sharing online in your own private album. Below is a video I made of a recent trip to the zoo using Muvee Reveal. It took me only 10 minutes! You can download a free 15 day trail to see what it's all about and start making your own muvees.
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