Urban Bratz

Urban Bratz has some extremely witty tees. I found myself smiling ear to ear as I read their shirts. I think the biggest issue when it comes to shopping at Urban Bratz is deciding which shirt to buy. The family owned & operated company has produced humorous tees that fit just right. They are made from 100% cotton jersey, so not only does it give you a soft & perfect fit but it won't shrink. Here are a few of my favorite tees:
  • They call me "no"
  • Sorry boys my dad says I can't date till I'm 30
  • Future Trophy Wife
  • I only date models

How cute are these tees! I am such a fan that Jackson wore Urban Bratz's 'Go shorty, it's your 1st Birthday' tee for his birthday bash. We got so many compliments on it! Take a moment to visit Urban Bratz and discover the tee that you just have to dress you little one in. Enjoy these precious moments when you have all the control over their style! Before you know it they will want to wear rain boots with football jerseys everyday....at least my oldest does.

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