Monkey Balance Board

Why my kids want to try and balance on everything is beyond me. Their constant need to climb, tumble, and walk the pretend plank is great for their imagination but not so fabulous for my sanity. I am always looking for a way for them to focus their hyper side without sacrificing my furniture to the cause. The Monkey Balance Board is a great way to funnel that wiggling energy. It's small enough that I can let them keep it in the house too. I never cease to be amazed how much time my 4 year old will actually spend trying to balance on it. It's a wonderful way to develop his coordination and his balance. However, it is also a great way to expand his imagination. He has told me it's his surfboard, his rocket to the moon, it has been a skateboard, a diving board, and yesterday it was a log on top of a roof (hmmm). With the colder months approaching this is a nice option for indoor active play. You can get your own Monkey Balance Board from one of my favorite shopping destinations - Hearthsong! The board only costs $24.95 and trust me that is much less expensive then having to replace your furniture.Best Blogger Tips

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