Time Out Pad

Discipline is not my strong point, mainly because in order for it to be effective it must be consistent. Truly, consistency is my weakness. If you watch Nanny 911 you'll know that she strongly preaches the practice of time outs. Time outs work really well with my son when I stick to the plan, but it can be really hard to be sure they always are executed in the same manner. Keen Distribution has the solution to making time outs run smoothly with the Time Out Pad. This little gadget is so cool! When your child is misbehaving you have them sit on the time out pad. You can select the length of the time out (it's works well to do a minute for their age - Connor gets 4 minutes because he is 4). When they sit down on the pad and their time out begins it will sound a finish tune to let your little rebel know their time out has ended. No need to set the stove timer or remember to watch the clock. Plus your child knows they have to wait for the tune so you don't have to keep answering "how much longer?". My favorite feature is the that the pad is pressure sensitive so when your child tries to sneak out of time out an alarm goes off and the countdown goes on pause. They have to sit back down to stop the alarm and to resume the timer. Someday he might figure out that he could toss a heavy book on the pad but thank goodness he hasn't tapped into his inherited sneaky side yet. This is a wonderful product for promoting effective & consistent discipline. When the time out has ended you can continue in the Nanny 911 style by having them apologize and ending the time out with hugs. You can purchase your time out pad from Keen Distribution for only $34.99.Best Blogger Tips

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