Build it Bigger

My son loves to try and build things. Perhaps it's from watching his father but there is just something about turning a bolt with a wrench that really appeals to him. I love when toys allow children to be inventive. International Playthings Build it Bigger set certainly allows room for creativity. It has over 75 pieces and your child can build all sorts of things. I wanted to build everything that came in the manual but my son wanted to construct things his way. Just like a man to want to avoid reading the instructions. Regardless of what he creates he really enjoys it and his end product is always something he is quite proud to show off. This set has come complete with wheels so you can make neat-o things like shopping carts and vehicles. You can even make robots. I know this will probably shock you but Connor usually makes trains. Gasp! This is a great toy because it will grow with your child and teaching them to build is far from a bad thing. Maybe he can put those skills to use and help me put together some of his toys one day. I hate assembling toys...it's almost as bad as trying to get them out of the package. You can pick up your own set of Build it Bigger from International Playthings and be sure to check out the video below to see this one in action!
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