A dollhouse that my husband can stomach

There is something about a dollhouse that my son cannot resist. Whenever we are somewhere that possesses one the dollhouse pulls him in and I have to drag him away. He has been begging me to let him have one for quite a while and my husband has always exercised his veto. Recently I stumbled upon Hearthsong's Eco House and my husband actually didn't cringe. There are several reasons why I really adore this unique dollhouse. To start, it is very gender neutral and finding a dollhouse that isn't drenched in pink is tough to do. Secondly, I like that it promotes being responsible to the environment. It has solar panels, windmills, recycling bins (my son really loves those), a scooter, and even a barrel for storing rain water. The third thing I love is that it's wooden - actually it's made with renewable rubberwood and recycled wood (very fitting for an Eco House). I am constantly singing the praises of wooden toys but I don't think they can be beat. They are built to last and I am very attached to the idea of being able to pass down our toys through the generations. The Eco House will entertain my oldest son for hours. If he is playing quietly in his room I know that I can thank the Eco House for my moment of silence. He loves the dollhouse family & pets (you can order them from Hearthsong too) with their yarn hair and rope covered frames. They now all have specific names and he never forgets them. He has named one after himself of course. Surprisingly the Eco House is also fun for my 1 year old. He just likes to move the furniture around the house and scoot the scooter up the stairs but nonetheless it keeps him entertained (and it doesn't need loud noises to do it). The Eco House has my vote for a treasured toy - it would certainly be a gift remembered. Visit Hearthsong to get your own Eco House!Best Blogger Tips

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