Sonny & Reed make teething fierce

When you have a little one you know that everything goes into the mouth. When you have a little one who is teething - then EVERYTHING goes into their mouth....seriously, everything. My son might be a picky eater at mealtime but when it comes to something to press against his gums - there is no item ignored. I've caught him trying to wrap his mouth around furniture, toys, shoes, remotes, train tables, you get the idea. He really likes to eat my jewelry and it worries me for two reasons: one being that he tends to break my pretty necklaces and two that I am scared when he breaks the necklace he might choke on the charm. There is a point to my rambling....Sonny & Reed have a teething necklace that I would wear even if my baby didn't LOVE to chew on it. It's really stylish and it also does one amazing job of giving baby something to chew on. This unique necklace has little nubbs on each bead that feel really soothing to aching gums. It's also really safe for them to chew on. It's not only made with FDA approved and non-toxic material but it has also been designed in a size that cannot pass through your child's choke tube. So even if your little Hercules gives it a very hearty tug you don't have to worry about him choking. Sonny & Reed's chic teething necklace is available in black, clear, and crystal blue. You can purchase yours online from the Sonny & Reed website. One word of advice - you might want to get two because my little one keeps running off with mine and wants to wear it himself. Either way - he's happy and my household items are no longer working part time as chew toys. You can save 10% off your order by entering the code nwb10 at the checkout line and take advantage of their free shipping too!Best Blogger Tips

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