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Nursing is a wonderful thing to do for your child and while it has lots of positive points it can also be a bit of a pain. One thing that I really hate about nursing is the stretched out tops. I don't like to pull my shirt up from the bottom to nurse because um...hello I just had a baby - my tummy is not in the position to be shown off at the moment and I get cold. So I'm always wearing lower cut shirts and pulling them down to allow nursing. Thus by the end of the day the neckline is non existent and kind of looks like I had a monkey use it as a branch to swing from. I use a nursing cover but it doesn't do such a swell job of covering your sides and back when you have to pull your shirt up from the bottom. Thus when I found out about Boob Design's nursing collection I was intrigued. Finding stylish nursing clothing is quite the challenge. Fortunately Boob Design had us covered (our tummies too). Their line of nursing clothing is soft, comfortable, stylish, and incredibly easy to nurse in. All of the clothing has a double layer fabric design over your breasts so that you can basically play peek-a-boo your bust. You can easily give your baby access at meal time and it only takes one hand to do it. And when you are finished nursing you won't have damp spots around your stretched out collar. I am loving pretty much everything in the collection but here are a few of my top picks:
  • Nursing Singlet - it's practical because you will always need tank tops. It's great for tossing a sweater on with in the winter and perfect for staying cool in the summer. I love the long length of the top because it keeps my stomach covered just as I want it to stay.
  • Hidden Function Summer Dress - You will wear this even when you are not nursing. It is so comfortable and easy to dress up or down. The empire waisted belt hides the fact that you can get easy nursing access while slimming your figure at the same time.
  • Nursing Smock Blouse - I love the flowing flower child feel of this top. The cut is very flattering and forgiving to new mothers. It looks wonderful with jeans, shorts, and capris. It's the perfect top for a day at the park and again Boob Design has created something that is so comfortable I would happily sleep in it.
You can view the full collection of nursing wear at Boob Design and while you are there you should check out the maternity clothing as well!

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