L'il Monkeys

L'il Monkeys makes the cutest personalized blankets! Your little one is sure to treasure theirs and it will eventually become a keepsake. The creator of L'il Monkeys started by making two blankets one with the name of each of her soon to be born twins. Her children loved theirs and so did everyone who saw them - thus L'il Monkeys began! I love how you get to have input into so many aspects of the design of your blanket. You choose from 6 different super soft waffle fabric colors for both the front & back, choose the letter colors, even the positioning of the name on your blanket. My little guy adores his blanket and can be seen dragging it along with him everywhere. It is just the right size for him to take in the car & stroller but it is also plush enough to make a wonderful playmat! The blanket also has 20 little tag loops to stimulate your child. What it is about fitting their fingers into the loop or checking out the taste of each color...no clue, but it certainly is engaging for my son. L'il Monkeys offers blankets in not just baby size but also twin, double and family. I am aching to buy the family sized and have it say our names. How fun would it be to cuddle underneath?!? They even offer a blanket just for your family pet. You can order your own custom blanket by visiting the L'il Monkeys website and while your there check out the gallery filled with adorable faces posing with their special blanket.Best Blogger Tips

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