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Finding music that I love and that is ok to play in the car with my children is quite the task. You would not believe the stuff that my oldest will pick up from a song while I have no idea he's even paying attention. With Sequoia Records I have found music that leaves me without the danger of him quoting a line better left in the mouths of musicians. I found all 4 cds that I checked out to be both incredibly beautiful but also very soothing. It's amazing how much listening to calm, relaxing music really changes your attitude on a stressful day. It makes me feel like I can imagine myself in a quiet room doing yoga (which I don't actually do but secretly want to) and the noise around me just melts away for a moment.

I also discovered that cds like Sequoia Record's Fairy Lullabies make really good baby music. They are perfect for bedtime background noise. Your child doesn't have to endure nursery rhymes. Fairy Lullabies has soothing instrumental lullabies that create a very peaceful atmosphere for both you and your little one.

My favorite cd's were Angel Voices and Cafe de Luna 2. They have a nice beat to the smooth music and they made me want to pretend I was on a exotic beach somewhere. They would make the perfect accompaniment to a warm bath & a glass of wine. Another favorite of mine is the Chakra Healing Chants which was incredibly relaxing and filled with mellow sounds of cello, world percussion, and even bamboo flute. If only the cd came with a hot rock massage! Definitely take a second to browse at Sequoia Records huge selection of options ranging from things like Celtic music to world music and so much more. You can even preview most of the songs before you purchase so you can ensure you get the cd that is just right for you!
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