Secret Agent Case

Your little spy will love this one. The Secret Agent Case from International Playthings has everything needed to make them feel like they are truly undercover. The case comes with sunglasses, pda, penlight, decoder watch, notepad, magnifying glass, badge, and a cool case to carry it all in. The moment my son put his spy shades on he was in 007 mode. He would carry his case of gadgets around the house in a hunched position (because all good spies hunch) and dart behind the couch and into closets. He loves the decoder watch and pen light. It's hard to go wrong with anything that lights up where little boys are involved. The decoder watch makes sounds and Connor would push buttons and then whisper strange things into it. He has been playing with lunchboxes stuffed with odds and ins for ages - he called them his sneak around kits. So for him the Secret Agent Case was like upgrading from a bike to a Porsche. He loves to get this one out - especially when friends are over. He struggles at sharing his spy shades though. International Playthings is the place to purchase this imaginative toy for your wanna-be James Bond and it will only set you back $30.Best Blogger Tips

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