PyratineXR - Say goodbye to the red

PyratineXR is clinically proven to make some major improvements to your skin. It helps with relieve facial redness, soothe irritated skin, repair age damaged skin, and decrease skin discoloration. Studies have shown 67% less redness, 41% more moisture, and 84% smoother skin. I don't know why but since having children my skin has a redish tint on my cheeks and chin that I cannot stand. It also seems to have reverted to a teenage condition and acne is my new arch enemy. When I was given the opportunity to test out PyratineXR I jumped on it! This revolutionary product is great for sensitive skin and even helps to improve problems like rosacea and acne. Since the results are not instant - studies show it takes at least a few weeks to see results (but aren't all the best things worth waiting for?) - I am have begun using it regularly and then in about a month I will come back to you with how it worked for me. I have posted a photo of my pre-PyratineXR skin sans makeup (eeek) for you to see. So here is the before and keep an eye out for the after! You can find out more about PyratinXR and see lots of before and after photos by visiting the PyratineXR site.Best Blogger Tips

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