SanDisk's Micro SDHC Card

When I received this tiny and I mean tiny card, I had no idea how many uses I would find for it. I was shocked to discover how many of my devices would let me use this little sucker. Basically, the Micro SD HC card is a memory card and with the help of the Mobilemate Micro Reader you can easily load it with your photos, videos, and music. The Micro SDHC card slides into the Mobilemate Micro Reader which allows you to connect you Micro SDHC card via your computers USB. Quick and easy to load - plus the device is cord free and takes up very little space. I use my card in my phone, my husband's phone, and my Sansa View. It gives me the ability to take along tons of my multimedia files that would not normally fit on my devices. I can't get over how little space it takes up. You can fill a little pill box with probably 7-10 of these. You can purchase your Micro SDHC card in 16GB, 8GB, and 4GB. This is a great gadget for mom and dad. It's so much easier than trying to lug your photo album and home videos around with you. Check out SanDisk today to get one for yourself!Best Blogger Tips

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