Mrs.Smith's Diaper Bag

The genius behind Mrs. Smith's Diaper bag is a mother of two and from the smart design you can tell she had been on many a frenzied diaper bag search. This innovative bag deserves a round of applause. If only every bag made items so easy to locate. I'm going to be using this one long after my munchkins are out of diapers. I think it would make a great toy bag, overnight bag, even a craft bag. Let me explain what is so amazing about Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bag:
  • The bag actually has a pull out drawer. This just astounds me! I can see what I am usually blindly digging for in my bags.
  • There is thought out storage for my gear too! It has a padded sunglass holder, a cell phone holder, and a key hook
  • There is lots of storage. It has 2 additional pouches, a zippered pocket, and a spot for both the sippy cup and the bottle (I love that!)
  • The messenger style strap will convert to make it into a backpack!
  • It even comes with a full body changing pad that fits neatly into the top flap
  • It comes in 5 stylish fabric options
  • Lastly, it is not too bulky and it's lightweight but I can still get everything I need in it.
I love this bag! It had me the moment I saw the drawer feature. I can't stress enough how nice it is to be able to pull out the drawer and quickly spot your little one's paci or favorite toy. An organized diaper bag not only will save you time but it will also help save your sanity. It is so frustrating to have to pull every item out just to find one thing and then to have to stuff it all back in. It's also pretty helpful when someone other than you has to try and locate something in your diaper bag. My husband really benefits from Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bag. Before he would come home swearing I didn't pack any wipes or goldfish, or saying there was no way I had put any pacifiers in the bag. Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bag is so easily laid out even my husband can find what he needs when he takes the kids on an outing (I still have to pack it for him). Check out Mrs. Smith's Diaper Bag and start enjoying the benefits of an organized bag today.
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