Hearthsong's Great Big Outdoor Playball

This is one seriously fun toy and not just for the kids either. We have found tons of uses for Hearthsong's Great Big Outdoor Playball. It gave dodgeball a facelift because this ball was extremely hard to dodge. My children loved to sit inside of it and read because they said it was really comfy. It could also make a really good spot for time out.... We had lots of fun rolling our little ones around inside the giant ball. My eldest son would fill it with blankets and pillows and then dive in pretending he was swimming. The imaginations in this house ran wild when playing with this uber cool ball. We recently had a double birthday party with a giant homemade slip in slide. We tested out the sliding ability of the outdoor playball and were anything but disappointed. It was the most popular thing about our party and the adults even got in on the action. The Great Big Outdoor Playball is available on Hearthsong's website and comes in three different sizes. The one we tested is the middle size so you can only imagine the possibilites in the large! This is a toy that will definitely please the whole family so stop by Hearthsong to order one. One word of advice - buy an electric pump too (this thing takes a while to inflate!). Check out the video below of the Great Big Outdoor Playball in action at our birthday bash:
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