Baggino's Learner's Bib puts a stop to wardobe changes

If your little one eats anything like my little guy does than you are changing clothing clothing 4 times a day. It's not that I am scared of a kid wearing clothing with a few spots. It's that I'm scared of what clothing covered in goo will do to my furniture, shirt, carpet, and so on. It's just easier to start fresh than to try and clean all that goo off without tossing it into the washing machine. He wasn't always so messy but he has reached the point where he wants to try and feed himself. If I resist this idea then he will try and grab the spoon mid-air and the food will fall on him or he will get a messy handful when I'm not looking (then he has won the battle). So now I give in and just let him try and feed himself. Baggino's Learner's bib is perfect for messy eaters because it covers pretty much everything. It has long sleeves and an extra long front to catch spills before they ruin your little one's too cute duds. The soft cotton terry bib is easy to put on and adjust thanks to the velcro closure. It also washes really well and the white makes it possible to bleach out unsightly stains. Once your little one can eat without the mess it will also make a really good art smock. I would get four of these - one for each feeding and then a spare for the diaper bag. Instead of 4 wardrobe changes and 2 loads of wash - I just toss the bibs into the washer at night and then we are good to go in the morning. So much easier than trying to get the stains out of 3 outfits (some never come out). You can get your own Learner's Bib from the Baggino site and you can choose from 5 different color options for it's trim.Best Blogger Tips

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