Medela Bamboo Nursing Camisole

Nursing is great for your child. There is no denying that but it can be a bit of a pain. Having great nursing clothing can make a huge difference. Medela has released a new Bamboo Nursing Camisole. Not only is the eco-friendy bamboo/cotton blend fabric so soft but it is also anti-bacterial. The top has an easy drop cup design so that you can nurse without having to pull up or stretch out your top. You can also use it in place of your bra because it has a built in bra shelf with an extra layer of fabric to provide you with the coverage you need. One more bonus to this cute top - it has been designed to work with the Medela Freestyle Breastpump and allow you to pump handsfree.

If you are a nursing mother - this tank top should become a staple in your wardrobe. It is available in white or black and the little lace trim adds a sweet feminine touch. I wear it under lots of my clothing to give me the perfect layering option. It makes nursing in public so much easier and it is also really comfy. Its great to wear on it's own too, especially during the hot summer months because it is so breathable and the fabric quickly whisks away moisture. You can visit Medela online to find out where a retailer is near you and be sure to browse the other helpful products they offer!Best Blogger Tips

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