Lady Fortunes

I have a huge sweet tooth. I can't get enough of all things sugary. I even keep a huge stash of candy in my bedside drawer. Every time I complain about my failure to lose the baby gut my husband kindly reminds me that it isn't a baby gut anymore...it's a candy gut. Lady Fortunes has a selection that is so much better than candy. When I received a box of their delicious goodies - I must confess I ate 4 of the Classic Belgian Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats before I showed anyone else the treats (sadly I showed them the treats about 15 minutes after their arrival). They are seriously delicious!

The Confetti Chocolate Dipped Oreos are insane. They are so rich and divine. I love the cute little sprinkles that decorate some of them. Even cooler though is the option to have a photo put onto your cookies. You can actually eat them too! It would make for a truly unique birth announcement. I also love the idea of having your ultrasound photo put on the Oreo Picture Cookies and using that as a unique way to tell the good baby news! The full selection of goodies from Lady Fortunes are all beautifully made and spare nothing when it comes to taste! I think that it is time to do some updating on my bedside candy stash. Those Belgian Chocolate Rice Krispie Treats have a home there from here on out. Lady Fortunes is the perfect place to feed your sweet tooth or to get a gift that they won't soon forget!Best Blogger Tips

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