Finally someone has updated the back carrier in a way that is not only comfortable and simple to use but that is also stylish! I am in love with my Kokopax!! Seriously - it is amazing. I can do so many chores and errands without my back hurting in the least. It is so simple for me to put on and off - with other carriers I needed some help to remove them but this is one I can do all by myself. It is so lightweight and comfy that I would rather use it than my stroller most of the time...I usually end up carrying my son when I use the stroller anyhow. It's also so cozy for my little man. He loves riding in it and he really likes how high up he is. He will ride happily in it for hours!

There are many things that make the Kokopax carrier different than other carriers available. One of the stand out features to me is the kickstand for easy loading. You can put your child into the carrier before you load it onto your back. It is really helpful! You'll also appreciate the padded shoulder straps and padded waist support! It is really so comfortable - the shoulder straps don't dig into your shoulders at all. I love that it has a storage pocket on the back and a toy loop to secure his playthings. Its great for travel and will fit into an airline overhead bin. This carrier will fit kids all the way up to 35 pounds and it features a 5 point harness to be certain they will stay safely put.

This is an incredible carrier. We take it everywhere and use it in place of our stroller whenever we travel. It is perfect for taking walks and for when we are playing at the park. I really like the stylish fabric options as well! They offer 6 chic fabrics to choose from. I am just loving the ability to be hands free again. My son had gotten a little too wiggly for the majority of slings and I was having to tote him everywhere. No longer are we attached at the hip...instead at the shoulders but at least I can get something accomplished this way. You can purchase a Kokopax Classic Carrier of your own online on the Kokopax website. You can also check out the cute totes, sunhats, and sweet organic monkey toy that they offer! You can also use this code:nwbab2009 to save 10% off your purchases from Kokopax.com!
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