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Two babies later my thighs are displaying the type of dimples that only belong on my baby's face. I never thought I would have such a struggle with cellulite but it just arrived one day and try as I might - it's holding on strong. Hippie Rehab has a two step cellulite treatment that works to attack the problem from both the inside & out. The Opening Act is twice daily capsules filled with natural ingredients that flush toxins & excess fluids out of your body. They also work to strengthen your weak muscle tissue and help your metabolism to rise. When you pair this with Headliner - an all natural, organic cream that you massage into your skin 2 or more times a day. The unique cream will help tighten and tone your wobbly bits. Hippie Rehab's Lypo-Pallooza ($90) gives you all you need for one month of serious cellulite reduction!

2 Lucky readers have the opportunity to win their own Lypo-Pallooza! To enter to win visit Hippie Rehab and then fill out the form below. The deadline to enter is June 11th at midnight EST.

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