Hold Me Tight

Lets just be honest. Marriage is hard. It is not the happy end to a fairy tale unless you work at it. It takes work, compromise, understanding, and a great deal of love. Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson does a wonderful job of introducing ways to strengthen your relationship. She pointed out spot on so many of the arguments my husband and I have - and then suggested really simple ways to fix them. She shows you the other side of the story and how to argue in a more productive way. Through 7 conversations you will be able to recognize and connect to each other stronger than before. I had my doubts that a book could really do all that but I was proven wrong. My husband and I read the book aloud during an incredibly long car ride and it helped us to understand each other better. I spent so much time thinking about the things that make my life hard that I never took the time to think about the things that make his life hard. See what it can do for your relationship - check Hold Me Tight by Dr. Sue Johnson.Best Blogger Tips

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