Story Fort

We love books at our house but the books from Story Fort are on a whole different level. We recently downloaded What is Bothering Carl from their online site. Once it has been downloaded to your computer you have an interactive digital book that your children can truly enjoy. It will even read itself to your child (this is optional). The words light up as the narrator reads the story which can be a great help as your child is learning to read. On each of the 19 pages their are keywords that are illustrated to help with your little ones recognition and vocabulary. It even has 2 original songs complete with animated music videos and it comes with a bonus memory game. Right now you can download interactive digital books from Story Fort for only $9.99. That is the cost of most books at the book store and they certainly won't sing or read themselves to your child. It is so important to make reading fun for children and to show them how words become a story. My almost 4 year old really enjoys reading What is Bothering Carl. The only problem now if he always wants to be on my laptop! You can check out & download your own copy of this awesome book today at Story Fort!Best Blogger Tips

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