Cinch by Anew

Ok - new moms or moms-2-be this is one product you better be sure to add to your wish list. The Cinch By Anew is an easy way to get your stomach looking flatter faster. The best part? You don't have to do any work. It's an updated version of the retro practice of wrapping your belly after birth. When you use the Cinch you can wrap your stomach without the help of anyone and even track your waist line loss with the built in measuring guide. It's comfortable and you can keep using it as your stomach shrinks because it's inner panels are adjustable. You can even insert a hot/cold pack into the front panel for added comfort or healing. I am always overheating at night and found that placing a cold pack inside the front panel made for a much cooler nights sleep for me. Plus my body was getting slimmer as I snoozed. How do you top that? Although most start using the Cinch after birth...I was a little late to the party. My son is almost 10 months old and I just now learned about this sweet gadget. However after trying it out for a little over a week - I swear I can tell a difference. I'm not 3 sizes smaller but my stomach is noticeably firmer and I can see progress. I plan on wearing it daily to see what else can come from here - what do I have to lose except a muffin top! It's also a great help to my poor posture and it makes me look slimmer when I wear it under my clothing. I will definitely be donning this the second I pop out the next addition to our family. The fabric is breathable and the spandex doesn't stick to my clothing. Strangely it isn't uncomfortable. To use their tag line because it's just too true - "Losing your baby weight is a ...cinch". Visit Anew to pick up your own and when it arrives you will be impressed with the packaging as well. It comes in a beautiful garment bag! This would make a wonderful baby shower gift and you could skip the wrapping. Also - while you are at Anew check out their clothing line designed specifically with a mother's body in mind. I'm dying to try out their jeans!Best Blogger Tips

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