WowWee's Tribot is a robot that comes fully loaded with all the bells and whistles. It is an alarm, a monster guard, a funny friend, and even a game. My almost 4 year old was a little young for some of the cool functions (although my husband got a big kick out of them) but he loved the ability to make the Tribot stand guard. He is stuck in that afraid of monster stage and we convinced him that the Tribot would fight off any monsters that came his way all the while sounding a warning alarm. Although it might not actually kick any monster butt it helped my son sleep through the night. All it took was him seeing Tribot (set him in guard mode to do this) sound the warning alarm as soon as it detected motion. He now sleeps with it next to his door each night.

Tribot is bubbling with personality and a very expressive face. His eyebrows will even move. He will talk to you in response to all of your commands. He is actually pretty funny. He comes with a remote that all you have to do is tilt and he will follow. He's like the dog you always wanted to have. One of my favorite things to do was to put him in alarm mode in the morning and set him off to wake up my husband. Once Tribot goes off he makes a great deal of racket and runs around. The best part: hubby has to catch him to turn it off. I have a feeling this would be very effective at getting your kids out of the bed for school in thr morning.

Tribot will also kindly go into to sleep mode and standby - a great battery saver for parents with children unable to turn anything off (like mine). The 3 wheel base makes him turn in almost any situation and do it super fast. You can also play it's built in driving games like pattern, maze, and minefield. And you can set it to roam free or program it to do what you want for up to 40 steps. All in all - this is one really cool robot. Its sure to be a hit with all ages! Check out the short video clip below to see it in action and visit WowWee today to see all of their cool robotic toys!

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